Vacation Rentals of Havasu

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TENANT RELATIONS - We keep in contact with your home renters and are available 24/7 to fix any issues or questions that may occur.

INQUIRIES - We are working round the clock making sure all emails and phone calls are promptly answered.

MARKETING - Do not worry about how your home will reach out to hundreds of interested renters, we strategize so you don't have to.

BOOKINGS - We examine all potential renters before booking completion to ensure your home is rented by the best qualified candidates.

INSPECTIONS - After every renter checks-out, we personally inspect all aspects of your home to ensure no damage is done, doors and windows are locked and thermostat is turned to a proper setting.

CLEANINGS -  Thoroughly cleaned and inspected after every check-out. We will arrange any moved furniture and put it back into place as well as take care of your patio furnishings so they are saved from unnecessary sun damage.

MAINTENANCE - We make the phone calls and handle the funny business while your away. 

AMENITIES - We provide the toiletries, soaps, towels, clean linens etc. 

LAWS - We keep you in compliance with county and local laws.

STATEMENTS - We provide detailed end of the month statements reflecting all relevant activities and a monthly payout.